Creating a habit

December 13th, 20131 Comment


Hey guys,

Have you heard that to create a habit it takes 21 days? Apparently if you do something for 21 days consecutive it becomes second nature.

You hit a few phases like:

- oh this is easy


- oh not so easy

- I don’t think I can do it

- oh I can’t do it because of this…

- oh it’s not working anyway why continue

But if you fight through this phase, you reach a point which becomes a little easier again, until it’s not that big of a deal anymore.

Tips for fighting through the tough phase:

. Realize you reached the hard phase, but you know if you don’t give up is going to get better

. Realize that if doesn’t work out in the end at least you are trying to better yourself

. Ask yourself daily, how will I feel after I finish? how will I feel if I don’t do it?

. Realize that if you don’t start now you won’t ever do it, and realize how long have you been wanting to do it and have pushed for later

. Don’t let anything stop you, going on vacation? holidays? birthday? a cold? fight through it…

. Reward yourself in the end of each week, you deserve it.

C’mon, Let’s try it!!!

I want to create the habit of exercising every day in the next 21 days… I will let you know how things go :)